Christian Living Class Information

Fellowship in Classrooms at 9am / Classes begin at 9:30am
Adults meet throughout the main building for spiritual growth and relational connection. Children 5th grade and under meet in the OTown Kids area. Xtreme Youth meets in the Youth Building.

Visit the beverage station on the 1st Floor of the main building near the Activity Center Gym entrance for coffee, milk and juice. Light snacks are typically available in most classes.

Faith for the 21st Century | Fireside Room

Claud Lenard

Unit 1: David & Solomon
David and Solomon are two of the most inspirational, yet complicated leaders in all of Scripture. Through their examples we learn valuable truths about following God and honoring Him in every aspect of our lives.

Unit 2: Life’s Transitions
This practical unit examines the various stages of life from a biblical perspective. From young adulthood to our senior years. God desires to bless and direct us every step of the way.

Discovery Class | Peterson Hall

Sacred Music: 1000 different ways to honor God
Dr. Sarah McCoy

Our objective is to learn about the stories behind various music styles over the hundreds of years and to sample them in class with recorded and live performances, both instrumental and vocal. We will have a hand bell performer, a brass quartet, a piano solo, great YouTube videos, and even Pastor Russell performing his own compositions.

Practical Prayer | Prayer Chapel

Ron Hood

The Way of The Cross

Prayer & Discipleship Series

Victorious Living; Exchanged Life; Double Remedy; Higher Life; Deeper Life; Effective Praying; Oneness with Christ; “Bone of His Bone”

New Horizons | Room 106

Ralph Lovvorn

Everything God does for his people is based on covenant relationship. As you come to comprehend how thoroughly the dynamic concept of covenant permeates everything God says in His Word, and everything He does in our lives, you will experience the most stabilizing and freeing truths you have ever known. Discover the awesome privilege of getting to know the Lord as your covenant God!

Culture Warriors | Room 204

Larry Johnson with John Stonehocker

This quarter, we will begin a book study over Seeking Allah – Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. In this autobiographical account, Qureshi shares the powerful story of his journey from faith in Allah to faith in Jesus Christ. Along the way, he gives valuable insight into Islam, sharing cultural, intellectual and theological barriers that often stand in the way of Muslims accepting Jesus. This class will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the Muslim faith while also gaining tools for engaging Muslims with the Gospel.

Home Improvement | Room 201

Kevin Hanover

For the Summer quarter, the Home Improvement class will grow with 3 varied lesson topics series taught by Andy Stanley. The first study, titled “Brand New,” explores the way that the world views the church and challenges us as believers to return Christianity to the “brand” Jesus intended. In the next series of lessons, “Tough as Nails,” we will discuss how to practice courage in our faith – even in the face of uncertainty and what we may perceive as persecution. We will conclude the quarter with the study “Crazy Like Us,” an in-depth look at Biblical generosity and how to practically apply this principle to our daily lives.

Interior Church Map

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